Woodchester Park and Mansion - Gloucestershire UK (SO 80 01)

A Morning Walk on Saturday 11th May 2002

    Garlic Wood    

The walk through the garlic flower and bluebell woods was wonderful - this must be the best time of year to see them and the smell of garlic quite strong. I have never seen such a large spread of white garlic flowers, they sweep up the sides of the banks and into the trees.

Victorian Woodchester Mansion one of the greatest achievements of 19th-Century domestic architecture in England was built but never finished or lived in and it has very few glazed windows. Notice the dog and eagle gargoyles etc in the photos above.
If you continue the walk past the Mansion there are many lakes.

From Stroud take the Selsley Road B4066 south to Woodchester, but do have a look at the viewpoint and long barrow near the turning off the main road. The site is well signposted. Car park charge 1 and extra if the house is open.

Roger Vaughan

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