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Pictures sent to me by my visitors

Arthur Holborn, 25 Stokes Croft, Bristol. Printer Reg CE & G. (Richard Hatt Auty with his wife Angelina and son Percy Richard Auty. They had a brewery in Bristol called Lion Brewery. [Family c.1894] Bristol Pubs Website

I recently acquired some old family photos from my family that I believe date back to the 1870s.
One has R.W.Gibbs and Company photographers, Albert Bridge, Middlesborough, England. It is printed on the back 'An enlarged Portrait in Oil Water color or Crayon can at any time be had from this Photograph'. We get a kick out of this now about over 130 years later! I also have photos perhaps from the 1890s with J. Sherwood, Photographer, Newport Crescent, Middlesboro and W.T. Watson, Enamel Photographer, Anlaby Road, Hull ('Copies can always be had.') on the back. Do you know anything about these photographers? Are my dates approximate or accurate? It would help me out on my genealogy research.

Lynda Ongaro, Toronto, Canada

W.T. Watson, Anlaby Road, Hull. [Young lady in early bustle dress c.1877]
J. Sherwood, Newport Crescent, Middlesbro. [Two young men in matching jackets c.1877]
R.W. Gibbs & Co. Albert Bridge, Middlesbro. (Photo of possibly Annie (baby) and Adelaide Laing (older girl) ) [two small children sitting on chairs. c.1876]
E. Mortier, 78 Military Road, Colchester (Grandpa Laing as a young soldier) [This sort of mount was in use c.1902]
front------plain back
Anon. [Gent holding book c.1867]
front------plain back

Thanks Lynda for your photos - Roger Vaughan

Photographer: William Tindell Watson (1835 - 1899)

(Photo belonging to Lynda above)

W.T. Watson, Anlaby Road, Hull. [Young lady in early bustle dress c.1877]

A note from Jo Coverdale

I've just been looking at your website and have spotted a photo by one of my family - namely William Tindell Watson.

He was born in 1835, Christened 14 June 1835 in North Cave (near Hull). He was the son of William Watson a shoemaker and Harriet. On his marriage certificate and the 1851 census he is listed as a solicitors clerk.
He married Jane Coverdale in 1858. The 1881 census lists him as a photograher and his son Ernest as photographers assistant at 6 Midland Terrace Hull. In 1891 he lived at 75 Freehold Street Hull and had a studio at 20 Ocean Place Anlaby Road Hull.
He died in 1899. Your dates are probably about right. He also had a brother Edwin T Watson who was also a photographer living at Albert Avenue Newington Yorks in 1881 and his son William C Watson was listed as photographers assistant but I have not yet found out if either of their son continued in photography.
I would be most interested in getting a decent copy of the photo you have as we have no photos by William Watson.

Thanks Jo always pleased to find out more about photographers - Roger

I have been viewing your site , it is so interesting I did not want to leave it.
This is my Great Great Aunt Rose Hollender nee Beyfus born in London 1849 she married Count Maximillian Hollender and became a Countess. Count Hollender was a director of the Palace Theatre.
They were very wealthy and circulated in 'high society' of the times, her daughter was a well known author, Dorothy Charlotte Frederica Hollender born 1883-1945 And her son Solomon Albert Arnold Hollender wrote an autobiography 'Before I Forget'

Alaine Bastow, White Rock BC Canada

Photographer: Carl Pietzner, Wien, Carlsbad. (Countess Hollender) [Lady in feather hat, c.1889 ]
Photographer: Anon. (This is Edgar Cohen b.1853 and his wife Ada Beyfus b.1854) [Unusual pose c.1891]
front------plain back
Photographer: Lambert Weston & Sons, Folkestone and Dover. (My GG uncle Michael Garcia, he married Aunt Rosies and Aunt Ada's sister Gertrude) [Gent late 1890s]
front------plain back
Photographer: J.S.Catford & Son, 49 Terminus Road, Eastbourne. (This is third cousin Gilbert Hugh Beyfus, born 19 July 1885, attended Harrow and Oxford, became a QC and an MP In 1959 he defended Liberace in a libel suit against the Daily Mirror. The photo records his Bar Mitzvah at age 13) (Boy c.1898]
front------plain back
Photographer: Walery. 164 Regent Street, London. (Rose Florence Boss born 25 October 1868, daughter of Albert Isaac Boss 1837-1912 and Julia Beyfus 1843-1896 London, England) [Well dressed young lady c.1889]
Photographer: J.H.Killick & Co. Hampstead. (Thought to be Julia Beyfus Boss, (1834-1896) London ) (Older lady, 1890s)
front------plain back
Photographer: Anon. (Smart lady in a nice hat c.1901]
front------plain back
Post Card: Albert Julius Boss (1898-1997) (an antique dealer in Petworth, Sussex for 35 years.) Margot Lesley (1901-1987) Margaret Olive (1900-1903) [Three children ]
front------plain back
Photographer: Harrods Grand Studio, (Herbert Solomon Boss, born 1868, London, England) [Gent c.1899]
front------plain back
Photographer: T.C.Turner, 17 Upper Street, Islington. (Thomas? Parker) [ Possibly a Mayor (not London) c.1895]
Photographer: Anon. (Thought to be Sarah Merrin) [Lady c.1889]
front------plain back
Photographer: Anon. [Picture of a lady, c.1906]
front------plain back
Photographer: Warschawski, Brighton. ( Edna Anderson nee; Myers 1896 - 1933 daughter of Florence Myers nee Boss, and Jacques Myers.) [Lady in hat, 1920s]
front------plain back
Photographer: Anon. (Rosina Reidpath nee Smith, 1849-1877) [Young lady. c.1870]
front------plain back

Thanks Alaine for these photos

Some additional notes on the photographer Warschawski (above) sent by Davis Simkin of Brighton.
Hermann S. Warschawski was born in Brighton in 1875, the son Paul Isidor Johann Warschawski ( born 1834,Poland ) a Professor of Hebrew and German.

Paul Warschawski was the son of a Polish rabbi, but was converted to Christianity and as Reverend Paul Warschawski acted as a Christian Missionary 'promoting Christianity amongst the Jews ..'

Hermann Warschawski became a photographer's apprentice in Brighton around 1891. From 1900, Hermann Warschawski operated his own studio at 20 Grand Parade, St Leonards on Sea, Sussex. By 1913, Warschawski had a branch studio in Brighton at 43 Western Road, where presumably the photograph of Edna Anderson was taken.

Many thanks David - Roger

April 2004.

I looked at your collection thought you might like to see one of mine. The only information I have is 'Chicago 1898' written on the back.

Kevin. Omaha

Brands Studios. [Chicago, USA]. [Well dressed young lady in feathered hat, cabinet card c.1898, or perhaps a few years later]
front------plain back

Thanks Kevin.

I just received some photos from my moms cousin, who just moved back here from Wales. I will forward them so you can have a look.

Carol Chambers, Canada.

Young couple thought to be about 1876 [tinted photo]
front------plain back
Lady c.1881 from Sterling.
front------plain back
This is my moms uncle Bill Norman's wedding in England [Looks WW1]
front------plain back
My moms aunt and cousins, 1939 [great hats]
front------plain back

Thanks Carol.

Here are some daguerreotypes, from the Baker family, courtesy of the Rev.Ian Graham-Orlebar. The sitting man with the moustache is Sam Baker; the standing one is his brother, Valentine Baker. Sam was a famous hunter and African explorer; Valentine a famous cavalry officer with the Tenth Hussars. Both of these images were taken by the same photographer, Antoine Claudet, at 107 Regent Street, London, where his studio was open from 1852-1868. If they were all taken at the same time, the occasion was probably the return of Sam and Valentine from overseas in 1857.

The woman with the concertina is Min Baker (Mary -- later Causton); the other is Annie Baker (later Bourne). They were sisters to Sam and Valentine Baker. These two also were taken by Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent Street and may well have been taken in 1857.

The final image is of the three Baker sisters: Annie (later Bourne, left), Ellen (later Hopkinson, middle ), and Min (later Causton, right). This image was taken by W.E. Kilburn, 234 Regent Street, London. His studio was there from 1852-55. Min and Annie are wearing the tartan of the Duke of Atholl who was a family friend.

They are courtesy of the Rev. Ian Graham-Orlebar.

Photographer: E.Kelly, 26 Queen Street, Newton Abbot. (Ida Marshall, born 1870) [Lady c.1891] - Cabinet Card
front------plain back
Photographer: E.Kelly, 26 Queen Street, Newton Abbot. (Ida Marshall) [Lady c.1891] - Cabinet Card
Photographer: Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent Street, London. (The lady with the concertina is Min Baker - daguerreotype) [c.1857]
front------plain back
Photographer: Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent Street, London. (Annie Baker, later Bourne - daguerreotype) [c.1857]
front------plain back
Photographer: Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent Street, London. (Samuel Baker, famous hunter and African explorer - daguerreotype) [c.1857]
front------plain back
Photographer: Antoine Claudet, 107 Regent Street, London. (Valentine Baker, a famous cavalry officer with the Tenth Hussars. - daguerreotype) [c.1857]
front------plain back
Photographer: W.E. Kilburn, 234 Regent Street, London. (Three Baker sisters: Annie, later Bourne, left, Ellen, later Hopkinson, middle, and Min, later Causton, right - daguerreotype) [1852-1855]
front------plain back

Florence Baker seated wearing a c.1865 fashionable wide dress with an almost geometric design around the hem
Florence Baker
Florence Baker possibly taken after her wedding in 1865
Florence Baker
Florence Baker posed with a tea set wearing an expensive dress, Whitby jet beads, and a bustle, c.1889 (she was the grandmother of Ida Marshall above).
Florence Baker
Samuel Baker (the explorer), Florence Baker and ?James Baker, taken outdoors, Florence is wearing a wonderful stripped dress, and holding a fancy parasol, showing that even as she got older she dressed in an eyecatching manner, c.1891.
Sam Baker, Florence Baker and ?James Baker
Sent by Pat Shipman - Many thanks.

The above eleven images are © 2003 Rev. Ian Graham-Orlebar, and must not be reproduced without written permission.

1865-67 French (?) photograph
I bought this photo at a flea market this past summer. For a period photo it is in wonderful condition. From the clothing styles on the women I believe the time frame is 1865 - 1867. On the reverse is written 'got (Comedie Francaise)'. The size is 14 inches x 9.75 inches.
The venerable old gentleman with the white hair seated with his newspaper on the right may be someone important or famous. The face is familiar, but I haven't been able to identify him.
I have just started collecting photographs, mostly as specimens of 19th century costume. Your web site has been invaluable!

Judith K. Grow. NJ.

Albumen Print (cropped from the original)

Thanks Judy, nice early picture.

I have an old cabinet portrait photo by John Burton & Sons and found your site in a search, if you would like to help date it for me I'd be happy to send a scan front/back of it, which I would be more than happy to let you display on your site if you wish.

Webdirector of;

J.Burton & sons, Leicester, Oakham and Melton Mowbray [Father, two sons and a dog]

First by the & Sons it is after 1877 and probably not much after 1888 by the address, the design of the back is like an 1880s card. Sailor suits were worn from the 1860s so does not help, but they were very popular in the 1880s.
The back is not unlike my photo back where the lady is about 1888 and that is my guess for your photo: Cabinet Card c.1888. - Roger

Thanks Randall for the photo.

We have recently come across two school photo’s of my g.grandfather taken in Bristol by Holden & Co probably about 1885 – 1890. Searching your site I was unable to see school photo’s, any information you have re school photo’s and how to date them would be appreciated. The only connection my family has with Bristol is that my g grandfather Arthur Tennant Spence was born in Clifton in 1879; we have no idea when the family moved to Yorkshire but it looks as though he spent a fair amount of time in Bristol.

Michael Spence, Vancouver, Canada

Photographer: Geo. W. Holden, 42 City Road, Bristol and at Swansea [UK] [ School group photo c.1878. May be an c.1884 copy as the back design is from 1880-1885 and the quality of the image is poor.]
Photographer: Holden & Co., Scholastic Group & Landscape Artists, 42 City Road, Bristol [UK] [ School group photo c.1880-1882]

Very hard to date children but these do belong to the late 1870 to early 1880s - Roger

Thanks Michael for the interesting and local (to me) photographs

I have a 1930's photograph of a group of men, one is my father sadly deceased as is the rest of his family of the same era. If I sent it to you could you put it on your site with a description to see if anybody recognises where it was taken?
Seated far right on bench is Charles Alfred Blott. The others could be colleagues from Gas, Light and Coke company circa 1936. Would like to know the location of where it was taken.

Jackie Settle

Thanks Jackie, if anyone knows the answer let me know and I will pass it on.
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