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Visitor's Name: Beryl Zillah Wilson (nee Jackson)

You are from: Brantford, On. Canada. A Liverpool lass
Comments: This is truly a wonderful site and I'm sure is of great interest to those doing genealogy. I have several sepia photos which I will scan and send over to you. Maybe a long-lost relative will see them and contact me. Thanks again for sharing this 'wealth' over the net. Beryl

These two are my grandparents, they had a total of 11 children, one of whom was my father. I'm not sure when these would have been taken, but quite likely around the 1920's.
Zillah Elizabeth Jackson William Jackson
Zillah Elizabeth Jackson
Born 13 May 1852
William Jackson
Born 22 April 1849

Mum and Dad.

They married in 1925 when mum was 29 years and dad was 40. She moved to Liverpool to work in Munitions during WWI and later to learn the tailoring trade where she became a tailoress. This is where she met my dad, who was a Journeyman Tailor at that time. I don't know how he came to be in Liverpool unless the work there was more plentiful. I 'found' him on the 1901 census living in Nottingham with his mother's sister. He was 17 then and occupation was Tailor Improver, so he obviously moved from Little Gonerby to Nottingham to learn the trade there.

Sarah Blanche Jackson (nee Kent) Louis Edwin Jackson
Sarah Blanche Jackson (nee Kent)
Born 2 December 1894
Louis Edwin Jackson (abt. 1923)
Born 23 August 1883 at Little Gonersby
My mother (known as Blanche) was a beautiful looking woman, and had a inner beauty which matched it.
She was always very kind and helpful to anyone in need, yet at times was very needy herself, but never complained about it.
She had three daughters, Blanche, Beryl and Brenda. We could never figure out why she gave us each a name beginning with 'B'.

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