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The Rev. Goodwin Chilombe, Nyasaland, and his family.

The History of the Universities' Mission to Central Africa


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This book written by George Herbert Wilson in 1936 Charts the Mission's history from Dr Livingstone's famous appeal in December 1857 and the little band of missionaries who set sail for Africa in October 1860 to the Zambezi Valley.
Here are the chapter headings

The Zambezi valley
Bishop Mackenzie's death
Morambala and move to Zanzibar
First baptisms at Zanzibar
Slave market bought
Bishop Steere and Mbweni settlement
Settlement at Masasi
Mkunazini and Kiungani
Johnsonís mission to Mataka's
The Masasi raid
Settlement on Lake Nyasa
Bishop Smythies and the mainland
Lake Nyasa and the 'Charles Janson'
Work growing at Magila
Recovery and progress at Masasi
Zanzibar and Swahili bible
Germans established in East Africa and the consequences
Nyasaland Bishopric and Smythies' last years
Disasters in Nyasaland
Bishop Richardson and the end of slavery
Lake Nyasa and the 'Chauncy Maples'
Cathedral Chapter at Christ Church and Maji-Maji rising
Likoma Cathedral and progress in German Territory
Bishop Weston and the C.S.P.
The Northern Rhodesia Bishopric
Bishop Fisher and death of Arthur Douglas
Zanzibar diocese in war time
Nothern Rhodesia in war time
Reoccupation of Magila
Reoccupation of Masai
Post-war Nyasaland
Northern Rhodesia after the war
Bishop Birley and Zanzibar
Masasi Bishopric
Nyasaland's losses
Great Progress in Northern Rhodesia
The Home Base
The book ends in the year 1934.
The index is 12 pages of double columns most of which is taken up by the names of the missions' staff, perhaps over 1000 names.

I will check to see if the name you want is there - for free, but if you want the information from the book, a research fee will be charged, based on the extent of the work, and the information found can be sent by email or by post.

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Included in the book are pages of small printed reproductions of photographs if you want any of these individual portraits scanned (4cm x 5cm) and sent to you, the minimum charge of £5.00 UK will apply:
The list of Portraits:
Charles Frederick Mackenzie, Bishop 1861-2
William George Tozer, Bishop 1863-72
Edward Steere, years of service 1863-82 Bishop 1874-82
Charles Alan Smythies, Bishop 1883-94
Chauncy Maples, years of service 1876-95, Bishop of Likoma 1895
Archdeacon William Percival Johnson, service 1876-1928, Archdeacon of Nyasa 1896-1928
Frank Weston, years of service 1898-1924, Bishop of Zanzibar 1908-24
Cannon Duncan Travers, years of service 1884-1924, Secretary 1889-1924

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