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Harrow School Registers 1801-1893, 1885-1949 and 1920s-1985
by R. Courtenay Welch - 1894 and James W. Moir - 1951 and L.J. Verney 1987.

1801 to 1893This book of 784 pages lists A-Z by family name all the pupils, Masters and Prizewinners who were at Harrow

1885 to 1949 The fifth edition of the Harrow School Register, 697 pages of information charting the schoolboys and masters and something of their family, lives and the address of the contributor

1920s-1985The seventh edition by L.J. Verney, this edition gives for the first time details of wife and children etc. where known

For a small fee I will find and digitally photograph any entry and email it to you. The book is indexed by Pupil and Masters.

I will check to see if there is an entry if you email me some details: Full name and estimate of when attended, for a fee of 5.00 UK.

Sample entries:
May 1878, Puxton, John Fitzherbert Vernon, son of W. Ruxton, Esq., Ardee House,
(Mr. Cruikshank's).
Left Dec. 1879; sometime Capt. 6th Batt. Royal Irish Rifles.
J.F.V. Ruxton Esq., as above.
Woodward, Lionel Mabbott, son of L.B.Woodward, Esq., St James' Cottage, Greenhill.
(Home-Boarder and Mr, Watson's)
Left Mids. 1883, Entr. School; Monitor, 1881-3, Head of the School, 1882-3; Trin Coll. Camb., Minor Schol., 1883; Major Schol., 1886; B.A. 1 Cl. Tripos, 1886; M.A.,1892; C.S. Straits Settlements, 1888; Magistrate and J.P. for Singapore.
L.M.Woodward, Esq. J.P., Singapore, Straits Settlements.

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