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Additional - Free Information (too late for publication movement list) 1932

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This list is taken from the supplement added to the back of a Crockfords for 1932 and includes all those (vicars, Rev., Bishops etc.) who changed their positions after the main work (2021 pages) had been printed. As there is another list for Ordinations (not reproduced here) it means that all these people should be represented in the main work along with thousands of others not listed here. Some of these clerics had been working since the 1890s.

This list should be of interest to family historians, family history, church history, and some still living may still remember these.


The following announcements have been made since the biographical section of this work went to press :—


ABBOTT, Frederick.—R. of St. Cath. Collyhurst, City and Dio. Man. from 1931
ADDISON, Charles William.—V. of Bawburgh, Dio. Nor. from 1931.
ADKINS, Charles Sidney Robert.—Actg. C. of St. John’s, Worksop, Dio. Southw. from 1931.
AITKEN, Canon Robert Aubrey .—Proc. Conv. Nor. from 1931.
ALCOCK, Edward .Jones.--I. of St. John, City and Dio. Cork, from 1931.
ALDRIDGE, Edward Arthur.—R. of Wiston, Dio. Chich. from 1931.
ALDRIDGE, Thomas Roland Lees. Actg. C. of St. Jo. Evang. Forton, Dio. Portsm. from 1931.
ALFORD, Charles Miilett.—P.C. of Otterford, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
ALLAN, Andrew Percival.—V. of All SS. Wellington w Thorn, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
ALLEN, Hubert Bancroft.—V. of Didbrook w Stanway w Hailes, Pinnock, and Hyde R. Dio. Glouc. from 1931.
ANDREW, William Shaw.—.R. of Inghain w Culford Timworth and Culford Heath, Dio. St. E.from 1931.
ANDREWES, Gerrard Nicholas Lancelot.— Actg. C. of St. Andr. (in c. of St. Alb.), Romford, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
ANDREWS, Robert Horn.—R. of All SS. Bearsden, w Milngavie, Dio. Glas. from 1931.
APPELBE, John William.—C-in-c. of Aghaderg, Dio. Drom. from 1931.
ARGENTINA, Archd. of.—See Guy, Ven. Cuthert Arnold.
ARNOLD, Frederic Charles.—V. of Frisby-on-the-Wreak w Kirby Bellars, Dio. Leic. from 1931
ASKINS, Very Rev. William James.—Dean of Kilm. Cathl. from 1931.
ATKINS, Charles Herbert.—V. of Horning, Dio. Nor, from 1932.
ATKINS, George Estlin.—V. of Chatteris, Dio. Ely, from 1931.
ATKINS, Reginald Arthur.-- C. of St. Aug. Kilburn, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
AUSTIN, Harold.—V. of Honington, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
AYRES, Robert.—R. of Gt. Ponton, Dio. Linc. from 1931.

BACKHOUSE, John Harold.—C. of St. Edm. Hunstanton, Dio. Nor, from 1931.
BAILEY, Cyril William.—V. of Holton-le-Clay, Dio. Linc. from 1932.
BANKOLE, Timothy Idowa.— Pastor of Iduani, Dio. Lagos, from 1931.
BARK, Lancelot Gerrard.—R.D. of Penrith from 1931.
BARKER, Cyril Moffatt.—Hd Master of Carbery Coil. Southbourne, and L.Pr. Dio. Win, from 1932.
BARRATT, Frederick Reynal.—L.Pr. Dios. York and Man, from 1931.
BARROW, Samuel.—Hon, Chap. to Bp of Liv. from 1931.
BATE, Herbert Roland. —R. of Welwyn, Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
BATEMAN-CHAMPAIN, Very Rev. John Norman.—Proc. Conv. Newc. T. from 1931.
BEARD, Ernest.—V. of Ham, Dio. S’wark, from 1932.
BEARDSHAW, Maurice.—V. of Thorganby, Dio. York, from 1931.
BECKETT, Reginald Ivan.—Actg. C. of Windsor (inc. of All SS.), Dio. Ox. from 1932.
BELLAMY, Charles Horace.—Chap. of Longfleet Poor Law Inst. from 1931.
BENNETT, Basil Edward.—P-in-c. of Modderfontein, Dio. Johann. from 1931.
BENNETT, Geoffrey Neville.—R. of Gazeley w Kentford, Dio. St. E. from 1931
BENSON, Reginald James.—V. of St. Nath. Windsor, W. Derby, Dio. Liv. from 1932.
BENSON, William John Robinson.—R. of St. Mich. Belf. Dio, Connor, from 1931.
BERRY, Cecil Huntley.—Perm. to Offic. Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
BEST, William Edward.—R. of Ballingham w Bolstone, Dio. Heref. from 1932.
BEVAN, James Bertram John.—C. of Arlesey w Astwick, Dio. St. Alb. from 1931
BICKERDIKE, Kenneth Campbell.—C. of Hamworthy, Dio. Sarum, from 1931
BLACKWALL, George Edward.—I. of Lochgilphead w Kilmartin, Dio. Arg. Is. from 1932.
BLESSLEY, Henry George.— Org. Sec. B .C.M.S. N. Distr. and L.Pr. Dio. Man, from 1931.
BODDINGTON, Arthur.—Ed. Blackb. Dioc. Leaflet from 1931 and Cler. Sec. Blackb. Dioc. Bd. of Finance from 1932.
BOGGIS, Robert James Edmund.—Proc. Conv. Ex. from 1931.
BOLLAND, Ernest Walter.—R.D. of Easington from 1931.
BOOTH, Daniel Lunn.—R. of Northampton, Dio. N.W. Austr. from 1931.
BOOTH, William George.—R. of Melverley, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
BOWEN, George Henry Croasdaile.—Hon. Can. of Sheff. Cathl. from 1931.
BOWEN, Reginald.—C. of Tenby, Dio. St. D. from 1931.
BOWKER, Benjamin Turner.—Proc. Conv. Blackb. from 1931.
BOWMAN, Alexander William Wesley.—V. of Chalk, Dio. Roch. from 1931.
BRENCHLEY, Frederick George.—B,C.M.S. Miss. Dio. Persia, from 1931.
BRIERLEY, Samuel.—C. of Trin. Selhurst, Dio. Cant. from 1931.
BRIGSTOCKE, George Edward,—V. of Burnopfield, Dio. Dur. from 1931.
BROOKES, Frederick Braithwaite.—V. of Emneth, Dio. Ely, from 1932.
BROOKS, Oscar Edmund.—V. of St. Luke’s, Brighton, Dio. Chich. from 1931.
BROWN, Alan Herbert.—Actg. C. of Orpington, Dio. Roch. from 1931.
BROWN, George Charles.—Sub-Dean of St. M. Cathl. City and Dio. Johann. from 1931.
BROWN, Lionel George.- V. of Chapel Chorlton, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
BROWN-GREAVES, Henry Ulric Bower.— V. of Icklesham, Dio. Chich. from 1932.
BROWNE, Augustus Richard.—C. of St. M. Abbots, Kens. (in c. of St. Paul), Dio. Lon. from 1931.
BRYAN, Ronald Winston.—Chap. of St. Thos. City and Dio. Calc. from 1931.
BUCKLEY, Albert St. David.—R. of Bettws Newydd w Trostrey and Kemeys Commander, Dio. Mon. from 1931.
BURNETT, Charles Ridley.—V. of Upperby, Dio. Carl. from 1931.

CABLE, John Ernest Paul.—V. (desig.) of Scampston, Dio. York, from 1931.
CAESAR, Harold Douglass.—Proc. Conv. Win. from 1931.
CAIN, Canon James Hampton.—Proc. Conv. S. and M. from 1931
CAMPION, Henry Frederick.—R.D. of Petworth from 1931.
CANBY, Mervyn. -Actg. C. of St. Nich. w St. Leon. City and Dio. Bris. from 1931.
CARPENTER, Spencer Cecil.—Proc. Conv. Lon. from 1931.
CARPENTER, William George.—R.D. of Barnet from 1931.
CARTER, Bryan Bernard.—Actg. C. of St. Luke, Woodside, Dio. Cant. from 1931
CAWLEY, John.—Actg. C. of Wimbledon (in c. of Ch. Ch.), Dio. S’wark, from ‘93’.
CAVE-MOYLE, George Edward Philip.—R.D. of Abbeydore from 1931.
CHAMBERS, James Stewart Compton. — P.C. of St. Mk. City and Dio. Liv. from 1931.
CHATTERTON, Preb. Thomas Henry.—Surr. from 1931.
CHENNELL, Charles Edward John.—R. of Mottingham, Dio. S' wark, from 1932.
CHILD, Maurice.—Proc. Conv. Lon. from 1931.
CLAPHAM, Stanley.—Chap. Miss. to Seamen, Bom, from 1931.
CLARKE, Frank Gordon. -Asst. Dioc. Tr. Coll. Pietersburg, Dio. Pret. from 1931
CLARKE, Maurice.—Chap. of Wellington, Dio. Madr. from 1931.
CLARKE, Sidney Lampard.—Hon. Chap. to H.M. the King, from 1931.
CLAYE, Canon Arthur Needham. Proc. Conv. Ches. from 1931.
COCK, William Henry.—C. of St. John, Weston-s-Mare, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
COCKIN, Bernard Scott.—V. of W. Acklam, Dio. York, from 1932.
CODY, Canon the Hon. Henry John. Pres. of Univ. of Tor. from 1931.
COLLETT, John William. V. of All SS. Small Heath, Dio. Birm. from 1931
COLLIER, Herbert Mayo Stanley.—V. of St. Paul’s, City and Dio. Chich. from 1931
COLLIS, Charles John. C. of St. Thos. City and Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
COLLIS, Very Rev. Maurice Henry Fitzgerald. Dean of Connor from 1932.
COMPTON, Leonard William.—V. of Cropthorne w Charlton, Dio. Worc. from 1931.
CONNOR, Dean of.—See Collis, Very Rev. Maurice Henry Fitzgerald.
COOK, Charles Richard Vallance.—C. of St. Paul’s, Bedford, and Chap. of Bedford Pris. Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
COOPER, James Sidmouth.—R. of Stockerston, Dio. Leic. from 1932.
CORLETT, Hubert Edward.—V. of Wolford w Burmington, Dio. Cov. from 1931.
CORNISH, Philip Gordon Pym. R. of Edson, Dio. Edmon. from 1931.
COTTER, Herbert Thomas.—C-in-c. of Ballyhalbert, Dio. Down, from 1931.
COTTON, Henry Wilmot Stapleton.—Asst. Chap. All SS.Cathl. Allahabad, Dio.Luckn. from 1931
COWELL, Canon Edward Wisdom.—Can. of Derry from 1932.
COWELL, John Brassey.— V. of Hatcham, Dio. S’ wark, from 1931.
COX, John Francis. Chap. R.A.F. Uxbridge, from 1931.
CRADDOCK, Cecil Craham.—R. of St. Phil. Bradford-road, City and Dio. Man. from 1932.
CRAGG, Roland Herbert.—R.D. of N. Section, N. arid C. Eur. from 1931
CRASKE, Frederick William Thomas.—V. of Read-in-Whalley, Dio. Blackh. from 1932.
CR1CHTON, William Ironside.—R. of St. Geo. Folla Rule, Dio. Aber. from 1932.
CRICK, Ven. Douglas Henry. Archd. of Stokeon-Trent from 1932.
CRITCHLEY, Canon Leopold Octavius. —Can. of St. Ninian’s Cathl. Perth, from
CROSS, Ernest.—-Proc. Conv. Sarum from 1931.

DALLIMORE, John Edward.—Proc. Conv. Derby from 1931.
DAMS, Cyril Theodore Henry.—C. of Huyton, Dio. Liv. from 1931.
DASH, Walter Eric.— R. of St. Jas. 1. and Dio. Barb. from 1931.
DAUNCEY, Arnold Falconer.—R of Headless Cross, Dio. Worc. from 1932.
DAVENPORT, David.—R. of Stonton Wyville w Glooston, Dio. Leic. from 1931. -
DAVIDSON, John. —Actg. C. of St. Geo. Millom, Dio. Carl. from 1931.
DAVIES, Jenkin Alban.—V. of Westham, Dio, Chich. from 1932.
DAVIES, Launcelotte Bernard Zacchaeus.— V. of Horsham St. Faith, Dio. Nor. from 1931.
DAVIES, Morgan Owen. Chap. to Bp of Bend. from 1931.
DAVIES, William Mydrim.—V. of Gartheli w Bettws Leiki, Dio. St. D. from 1931
DAVIS, Ralph Leigh. C. of St. Sav. Croydon, Dio. Cant, from 1931
DAVOREN, John Patrick.— K. of Greenough, Dio. N.W. Austr. from 1931.
DAWES, Alfred Wilkinson.—V. of Kingsclere Woodlands w Headley, Dio. Win. from 1931.
DAWSON, James Dawson Wray.—R. of Stoke Dry, Dio. Pet. w Lyddington from 1931.
DEANE, Canon Anthony Charles.—Proc.. Conv. Windsor from 1931.
DE LISLE, Hirzel Frederick.—R. of Paarl, Dio. Capetn. from 1931.
DES BARRES, Thomas Cutler.—R. of Colney, Dio. Nor, from 1931.
DEWEY, Sir Stanley Daws (Bart.).—Proc. Conv. Ex. from 1932.
DIMONT, Chan. Charles Tunnacliffe.—Commiss. N. China from 1931.
DIXON, Henry Rowland.— C. of St. Paul, Belf. Dio. Connor, from 1931.
DIXON, Thomas Harold.—V. of Ch.. Ch. Woburn-sq. Dio. Lon. from 1932.
DORNAKAL, Archd. of. See Tanner, Ven. Ernest Scudamore.
DOUGLAS, Canon Archibald William. Hon. Can. of Sheff. Cathl. from 1931.
DOVE, Fredrick John.—V. of St. Mk. Clerkenwell, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
DUNDAS, William Harloe. Treas. of Connor from 1932.
DUNLOP, Canon Douglas Lyall Chandlee.— Can, of Luckn. from 1930.

EASTER, Arthur John Talbot.— Proc. Conv, Sheff, from 1931.
EDGELL, William Henry.—R. of Chelmondiston, Dio. St. F. from 1932.
EDMONDS, Thomas Acland.— RD. of Aylesbeare from 1931.
EDWARDS, Benjamin Joseph.—V. of Walton-le-Soken, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
EDWARDS, Henry.—R. of Horsington, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
EDWARDS, Preb. John.—R.D. of Tutbury from 1932.
EDWARDS, John.—-Actg. C. of Dowlais, Dio. Llan. from 1931.
EDWARDS, William Christopher.—C. of Southbourne-on-Sea, Dio. Win, from 1931.
ELLERSHAW, Canon Henry.—Pro-Vice-Chan. of Univ. of Dur. from 1932.
ELLIOTT, Ven. Anthony Blacker.—Archd. of Khammamett from 1931.
ELLIOTT, David William Matthew Albert.— C-in-c. of Kilfenora w Lisdoonvarna, Dio. Kilfen. from 1931.
ELLIS, Robert Charles Ross-Lewin.—C-in-c. of Dunmurry, Dio. Down, from 1931..
ELLWOOD, Robert Dunn.—C-in-c. of St. Paul, City and Dio. Carl. from 1931
ELTON, Herbert Gresley. —Chap. of Palermo, Dio. Gibr. from 1931. -
ELWELL, Jonathan Alfred Willmott.— V. of Osbournby w Scott Willoughby, Dio. Linc. from 1931
EVANS, Arthur Henry.— V. of Shebbear, Dio. Ex. from 1931.
EVANS, David Richard.—R. of Dyndor, Dio. Heref. from 1931.
EVANS, Eric Herbert.—C. of Southport, Dio. Liv. from 1931
EVANS, James Bruce Harington.—V. of H. Trin. Southall, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
EVANS, James Hubert.—C. of Quidenham w Eceles and Snetterton, Dio. Nor, from 1931.
EVANS, Leonard Hugh.—R.D. of E. Charing from 1931.

FERRARD, Francis Sykes.—Perm. to Offic. at Toftrees w Shereford, Dio. Nor. from 1931.
FFRENCH, Very Rev. Lebel Holbrooke Edward.—Provost of Kilmacduagh and Can. of Kilconnell in Clonf. Cathl. from 1931.
FIELD, Ernest John.—Actg. C. of Croydon, Dio. Cant, from 1931.
FINCH, Arthur.—C. of St. Jo. Bapt. City and Dio. Cov, from 1931
FINNY, John William Magee.—C-in-c. of St. Francis, Friar Park, W. Bromwich, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
FIRTH, Herbert Boiseau.—Chap. Br. Emb. Madrid, Dio. Gibr. from 1931.
FIRTH, John.—Actg. C. of Almondbury, Dio. Wakef. from 1931.
FISHER, Charles Proctor.—R. of Gt. Connell w Marristownbiller, Dio. Kild. from 1931.
FLEMING, Canon Lionel Rothwell.—Can. of Dromdaleague in St. Fin Barre’s Cathl. Cork, and Can. of island in St. Faughan’s Cathl. Ross, from 1931.
FORD, Albert George. R. of Withycombe, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
FORDE, Daniel John.—R. of Sampford Brett, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
FORGE, John Francis.—R. of Padworth, Dio. Ox. from 1932.
FORREST, Stanley John. -C. of H. Trin. Bury, Dio. Man. from 1931
FOSBROOKE, Arthur Middleton.—V. of Brathay, Dio. Carl. from 1932.
FOSBROOKE, Henry Leonard. Proc. Conv. Blackb. from 1931.
FOWLER, Albert Robinson.—Actg. C. of Frimley, Dio. Guildf. from 1931
FOWLER, James Robinson.—T.. to Offic. Dio. Bloemf, from 1931.
FRASER, Hugh Cohn. P.C. of Mark, L)io. B. and W. from 1931.
FRAZER, William Frederick.—C. of Willowfield, Dio. Down, from 1931.
FREEMAN, Albert Charles. V. of Barlaston, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
FRENCH, Harry Gordon.—V. of Thursley, Dio. Guildf. from 1931.
FROST, Arthur.—V. of U. Clarence Paroch. distr. Dio. Graft. from 1931.
FRY, Ernest Henry.—Chap. of St. Mk. Bangalore, Dio. Madr. from 1931.
FRYER, Harold.- V. of Chandler’s Ford, Dio. Win, from 1931.

GABEY, Sailor.—Chap. Lockhart River Miss. Dio. Carp. from 1931.
GARDINER, Matthew George.—R. of Kubroney (or Rostrevor), Dio. Drom. from 1931.
GERTY, William. R, of St. Jas. EDio. w St. Phil. Miss. City and Dio. EDio. from 1931.
GIBBINGS, Frederick John.—I. of St. John’s, Downshire hill, Hampstead, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
GIFFARD, Very Rev. Agnew Walter Giles.— R. of St. Pet. Port and Dean of Guernsey, Dio. Win. from 1932.
GILBERT, Leonard Armitage. R. of Gimingham, Dio. Nor, from 1932.
GILL, Frederick William. R. of Nunnington, Dio. York, from 1931.
GILLETT, James.—Chap. and Asst Master Prince of Wales Sch. Kenya, Dio. Momb. from 1931.
GILLETT, William John. V. of All SS. Small Heath, Dio. Birm. from 1931.
GLEW, Harold.—V. of H. Trin. Sydenham, Dio. S’wark, from 1932.
GOLDING, Edward Arthur.—I. of Magourney, Dio. Cloyne, from 1932.
GOODGE, Stanley Headley. Perm. to Offic. at Corsham, Dio. Bris. from 1931.
GORDON, William Hamilton.—Publ. Pr. Dio. Portsm. from 1931.
GOULD, Philip Oliver.—V. of St. Bart, Dalston, Dio. Lon. from 1932.
GOULD, Walter George. —Actg. C. of All SS. Southend-on-Sea, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
GRAHAM, Christopher.—R. of Cheddon Fitzpaine, Dio. B. and W. from 1932.
GRAHAM-BROWN, George Francis. —Proc. Conv, Ox. from 1931.
GRANT, Charles. —R. of Coltishall w Hautbois, Dio. Nor, from 1932.
GRAVELL, George Thomas.—R.D. of Aberdare from 1931.
GRAVES, Linsan Alfred William. V. of Ilkeston, Dio. Derby, from 1932.
GRAY, Frederick Steele.—L. to Offic. Dio. Gibr. from 1931.
GREENHALGH, Samuel. -- V. of Blawith, Dio Carl. from 1931.
GREENHOW, Edmondson Neison.—R. of St. Phil. de Torteval, Guernsey, Dio. Win. from 1931.
GREENSLADE, George Henry. V. of Newton Poppleford, Dio. Ex. from 1932.
GREENSLADE, Stanley Lawrence.—L. to Offic. Dio. Ox. from 1931.
GREEVES, Percy.—R.D. of Hingham from 1931.
GRICE, Arthur Cyril.—C. of St. Pet. City and Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
GRIFFITHS, David James Lane.—Org. Sec. Nat. S. for S. Wales from 1932.
GULLEY, Hubert Edward Raymond. Actg. C. of H. Trin. Horfield, Dio, Bris. from 1931.
GUNN, Derek Frank,—C. of Boston, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
GUY, Ven. Cuthbert Arnold. R. of St. John’s Pro-Cathl. and Archd. of Buenos Aires, Dio. Argent. from 1932.
GWILLIAM, Oswald Noel.—V. of H. Trin. S. Shields, Dio. Dur. from 1931.

HADLEY, Edward Melvil.—R. of Flixborough w Burton-on-Stather, Thealby, and Coleby V. Dio. Linc. from 1932.
HALL, John. C. of St. Mich. Golder’s Green, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
HALL, Thomas Ward.—Publ. Pr. Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
HAMILTON, Eric Knightley Chetwode.— Proc. Conv. Lon. from 1931.
HAMMOND, Thomas Chatterton. Actg. C. of St. Jude, Belf. Dio. Down. from 1931.
HAMOND, Ernest William.—Lect. St. Geo. Colleg. Ch. Jer. from 1930.
HANNAH, Preb. William.—Preb. of St. Andr. in Down Cathl. from 1931.
HANSON, Richard.—Dean of K.C.L. and Warden of Th. Hostel, Vincent Sq. from 1931,
HARDING, Claud Oswald.—Actg. C. of St. Sidwell, City and Dio. Ex. from 1931.
HARDING, George Arthur.—V. of St. Jo. Bapt. Clayton, Dio. Bradf. from 1931.
HARPER, Very Rev. James Walker.—Exam. Chap. to Bp of St. Andr. from 1931.
HARRIS, Preb. Charles.—Proc. Conv. Ox. from 1931.
HARRIS, William Kingett.—R. of QuairaDiog, Dio. Perth, from 1931.
HARRISON, Albert Edward. R, of Somerset E. Dio, Grahmstn. from 1931.
HART, John Henry Arthur.—V. of Holme-on-SpalDiog Moor, Dio. York, from 1931.
HARTHAN, Eric Basil.—Chap. Miss. to Seamen, Shanghai, from 1932.
HARTILL, Percy, .—Proc. Conv. Lich. from 1931.
HARTLEY, Ronald.—R. of Kirkby Wiske w Maunby, Dio. Rip. from 1931.
HARVEY, George Leonard Hunton.—R,D. of Sutton Coldfield from 1931.
HATHAWAY, John George.—C-in-c. of St. Edm. Tyseley, Dio. Birm. from 1931.
HATTEN, Preb. John Charles Le Pelly.— Preb. of Colworth in Chich. Cathl. from 1931.
HAWES, James Robert Pennystone.—R. of Hougham w Marston, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
HAWORTH, Harold Wilfred.—Proc. Conv. Ches. from 1931.
HAYDEN, Reginald Griffith.—R. of St. Andr. Ancoats, City and Dio. Man. from 1932.
HAYNES, Henry Willett.—V. of Sidlesham, Dio. Chich. from 1931.
HAYTER, George Theodore Meynell Ingram. —V. of Midsomer Norton, Dio. B. and W. from 1932.
HAYWARD, Spencer Howard.—Chap. of St. Anne’s, Emsworth, Dio. Portsm. from 1931.
HEAWOOD, Raymond Garth.—Publ. Pr. Dio. Derby, and Chap. Toc. H, W. Midlds. Area, from 1931.
HEDGES, Percy Douglass.—Proc. Conv. S’wark from 1931.
HELM, George Francis,—Proc. Conv. Glouc. from 1931.
HELM, Walter Samuel. V. of St. M. Magd. Clitheroe, Dio. Blackb. from 1931.
HEMINGWAY, Norman.—V. of Jurby, Dio. S. and M. from 1931.
HENDERSON, Wilfred Leveson.—C-in-c. of Hunston, Dio. St. E. from 1931.
HEPWORTH, Charles Leonard.—P-in-c. of Bocas del Toro, Dio. Br. Hond. from 1932.
HERALD, William.—V. of Grimley, Dio. Worc. w Holt from 1932.
HERTSLET, Canon Edward Lewis Augustine. —Hon. Can. of Bris. from 1931.
HEWITT, Alfred.—R. of Reedham, Dio. Nor. from 1932.
HIGGS, Wilfred Gregory.—Actg. C. of All SS. Cockermouth, Dio. Carl. from 1931.
HILL, Bertram Adam.—R. of Bestwood Pk. Dio. Southw. from 1932.
HILLIS, Crawford.—R. of Elsdon, Dio. Newc. T. from 1931.
HINDLEY, James.— Proc. Conv. Man, from 1931.
HISCOCKS, Henry Griffin.—Actg. Chap. of St. Paul, Cannes, Dio. Gibr. from 1931.
HODGE, Henry St. John Blissard.—C. of Bridport, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
HODGES, William.—V. of Allonby, Dio. Carl. from 1932.
HOGBIN, George Henry.—V. of Hindon w Chicklade and Pertwood R. Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
HOLE, John Stockwood.—V. of Harwich, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1932.
HOLLAND, Canon William Edward Sladen. Can, of All SS. Cathl Allahabad, from 1931.
HOLMES, Right Rev. William Hardy Holmes. —Elected Ld Bishop of Tuam, Killala, and Achonry 1931.
HOPKIN-JAMES, David Kynvelyn John.— C. of Holmer w Huntingdon, Dio. Heref. from 1931.
HOPKINS, Douglass.—V. of H. Trin. Millhouses, Dio. Sheff. from 1932.
HOSKINGS, Arthur Austin.—C-in-c. of St. Phil. Osmundthorpe, Leeds, Dio. Rip. from 1932. V. (desig.) from 1932.
HOTINE, John.—R. of Holcot, Dio. Pet. from 1931.
HOW, Canon John Charles Halland.—Proc. Conv. Liv. from 1931.
HOWARD, Stanley Arthur.—V. of Wednesfield, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
HOWITT, Canon Arthur Hamilton.—Can. of St. Aid. in St. John’s Cathl. Newfld. from 1931.
HUGGINS, Arthur Macpherson Erat. V. of High Wych, Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
HUGHES, Richard David.—V. of Connah’s Quay, Dio. St. A. from 1931.
HUGHES, Richard Joel.—V. of Llanasa, Dio. St. A. from 1931.
HUMPHREY, Albert Thomas.—Actg. C. of Aylesbury (in c. of St. John), Dio. Ox. from 1931.
HUMPHREYS, Frederic William Ivor.—Actg. C. of Clun and Sub-Warden of Trin. Hosp. Clun, Dio. Heref. from 1931.
HUNT, Frank.—R. of Willey, Dio. Cov, from 1932.
HUNT, William George.—V. of Thurlby, Dio. Linc. from 1932.
HURON, Ld Bp of.—See Seager, Rt. Rev. Charles Allen.
HUTCHINGS, Henry Tertius.—R. of Keady, Dio. Arm. from 1931.
HUTCHINSON, Franklin Isaac.—R. of Barningham w Coney Weston, Dio. St. E. from 1932.
HUTHNANCE, John Francis Gilbart.—P-in-c. of St. Barn. Mill Hill, Dio. Syd. from 1931.
HYMAS, Edward George Henry.—C-in-c. of Hazelwell Conv. distr. Dio. Birm. from 1931.

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ISHERWOOD, Harry.—V. of Tosside, Dio. Bradf. from 1932.
ISON, Thomas James.—Proc. Conv. Chelmsf. from 1931.

JACKSON, William Alexander Baird.—R.D. of Tullyhogue from 1931.
JACOB, Lionel William Richard.—Chap. Liv. Cathl. from 1931.
JAMES, Henry Lionel.—R. of Fersfield, Dio. Nor. from 1931.
JAMES, Reginald Hetling Lancelot.—R.D. of Watford from 1931.
JAMES, Sydney Herbert Rhodes.—C. of St. Phil. Norbury, Dio. Cant. from 1931.
JAMES, William.—R. of Rainton, Dio. Dur. from 1931.
JAQUES, Canon John Hartforth.—R. of Studland, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
JEANS, Thomas Jeffery.—R. or St. Ignatius, Salford, Dio. Man. from 1931.
JEFFREYS, Canon Tom Reginald Frederic.— Hon. Can. of Bris. from 1931.
JELLIE, Wilfrid Raymond.—L. to Offic. Dio. Liv. from 1931.
JENKINS, Alfred Thomas.—R.D. of Ware from 1931.
JENNINGS, Louis Frederick.—V. of Holme w Langford, Dio. Southw. from 1931.
JOBLIN, Basil Edward.—R. of St. Mich. City and Dio. EDio. from 1932.
JOHNSON, Alexander Meyrick.—V. of Hampton Wick, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
JOHNSON, William Langhorne.—R. of Holme Hale, Dio. Nor, from 1931.
JOHNSON, William Robert.—Can. Dioc. of Liv. Cathl. from 1931.
JOHNSTON, Hugh Liddon.—R. of Cranleigh, Dio, Guildf. from 1931.
JOHNSTONE, Canon George Alexander.— Proc. Conv. Portsm. from 1931.
JONES, Alexander James.—Publ. Pr. Dio. Nor. from 1931.
JONES, Arthur.—R.D. of Sittingbourne from 1931.
JONES, Daniel Lester.—V. of Prestatyn, Dio, St. A. from 1931.
JONES, David Anthony Emlyn.—C. of Llandio Talybont, Dio. Swan. B. from 1931.
JONES, Evan Illtyd.—R. of Dowlais w Pant and Pengarnddu, Dio. Llan. from 1931.
JONES, James Idris.—C. of St. Pet. City and Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
JONES, John Emlyn (2nd).—V. of Ystradfellte w Pontneathvaughan, Dio. Swan. B. from 1931.
JONES, Louis Cyril Francis.--Chap. E. Sussex Mental Hosp. Hellingly, Dio. Chich. from 1931.

KAY, William. V. of Newark, Dio. Southw. w CodDiogton from 1931.
KELLY, William (Junr.).—Dioc. C. of Kilm. from 1931.
KENDALL, Louis Reginald.—V. of St. Aubyn, Devonport, Dio. Ex. from 1932.
KENDLE, Ernest John Lambert.—V. of Sacriston, Dio. Dur. from 1932.
KENNELLY, William James McKeon. Perm. to Offic. Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
KENYON, Thomas.——V. of Wilshaw, Dio. Wakef. from 1931.
KERBY, Edwin Thomas.— Proc. Conv. Man from 1931.
KEW, Charles Hubert Shaw.—Actg. C. of St. Mich. Chester Sq. Dio. Lon. from 1931.
KHAMMAMETT, Archdeacon of.—See Elliott, Ven. Anthony Blacker.
KILMORE, Dean of—See Askins, Very Rev. William James.
KIMPTON, Albert Edward.—V. of St. Leon. City and Dio. Leic. from 1932.
KINCH, Frederick Henry.—R. of Loughgall, Dio. Arm. from 1931.
KING, Herbert Alfred.—Proc. Conv. Nor. from 1931.
KIRCHER, Godfrey William August.—Actg. C. of St. Thos. of Cant. and Our Lady of Mercy, Gorton, Dio. Man, from 1931.
KITCHENER, Harold.—V. of MaDiogley, Dio. Ely, from 1932.
KNOX, Thomas.—R. of Narrabeen w Pittwater, Dio. Syd. from 1931.

LANCASTER, Thomas.—R. of L. Leighs, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1932.
LANE, Walter Edward—Publ. Pr. Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
LANG, Lewis Wyatt.—R. of Frinsted w Wormshill, Dio. Cant. from 1932.
LARR, Oswald Qiles Outram.—V. of Mkt. Rasen, Dio. Linc. from 1932.
LASBREY, Ernest William.—Commiss. (in S. Afr.) Centr. Tang. from 1931.
LAW, Thomas.—V. of St. Matt. Cam. Dio. Ely, from 1931.
LAWSON, Eric William.—V. of Fridaythorpe w Fimber, Dio. York, from 1931.
LEAKEY, Richard Herbert.—R. of Martinhoe w Trentishoe, Dio. Ex. from 1931.
LEE, Canon Edwin Maywood O’Hara.—Hon. Can. of S’wark Cathl from 1932.
LEE, Philip Charles.—V. of St. Jas. Croydon, Dio. Cant. from 1931.
LEE, Walter Granville Willoughby.—Proc. conv. Lich. from 1931.
LEWIS, Charles Gerwyn Rice.— V. of Treherbert, Dio. LIan. from 1931.
LISTER, Hugh Evelyn Jackson.—C. of St. Geo. Bloomsbury, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
LLOYD, Roger Bradshaigh.—V. of St. Bart. Gt. Harwood, Dio. Blackb. from 1932.
LONG, Thomas. —V. of Lower Brixham, Dio, Ex. from 1931.
LONGFORD, William Wingfield.—R. of Sefton, Dio. Liv. from 1932.
LOVELL, Frank Horatio.—P.C. of St. Paul, City and Dio. Liv. from 1932.
LUCAS, Charles Burrard. Proc. conv. Pet. from 1931.
LUCAS, Charles Frederick.—R. of Didmartin w Oldbury-on-the-Hill and Sopworth, Dio. Glouc. from 1931.
LUMSDALE, Harold Ernest.—Chap. of Ch. Ch. Cathl Port Stanley, Dio. Falkld. Is. from 1932.
LUNT, Ronald Bryan.—C. of St. Aldate, City and Dio. Ox. from 1931.

McCLEERY, William Henry. L. to Offic. Dio. Pet. from 1931.
McCORMICK, William Loftus.—R. of Aller, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
MACINTOSH, Felix Alexander.—R. of Ladybrand, Dio. Bloemf. from 1931.
McINTYRE, James. R. of LympstonE, Dio. Ex. from 1932.
MACKAY, John.—R. of Swithland, Dio. Leic. from 1931.
MACKAY, Roy.—V. of Mountfield, Dio. Chich. from 1931.
McKEE, Henry James Alexander.—R. of St. Luke, City and Dio. Glas. from 1931.
McKENZIE, John Roderic.—R. of St. Marg. Easter-rd, City and Dio. Edin. from 1931.
MACKIE, Edmund St. Gascoigne. V. of E. Boldre, Dio. Win. from 1932.
MACMUNN, Howard Fletcher.—Proc. conv. Dur. from 1931.
MADDEN, Richard Charles.—T. of Dunboyne w Moyglare, Dio. Meath, from 1932.
MALAHER, Charles Louis. V. of Stratton St. Marg. Dio. Bris. from 1931.
MARKHAM, Canon Algernon Augustus.— Proc. conv, Linc. from 1932.
MARSDEN, John Cyril.—L. to Offic. Dio. Nass. from 1931.
MARTIN, Richard. Miss. at Peel River and Porcupine River, Dio. Yukon, from 1931
MATHEN, Kayyalekakatha Mathen .—Pastor of Kaviyur, Dio. Tray, from 1931.
MATHER, Basil.—.Chap. St. Paul’s Hostel, Cheefoo Univ. Tsinan, Dio. Shantung, from 1931.
MATTHEWS, John Colmworth. -I. of St. Paul’s Miss. Edson, Dio. Edmon. from 1931.
MATTHEWS, Wilfred Noel.—V. of Yoxford, Dio. St. E. from 1931. I.
MAYALL, Canon Charles Augustine. —R.D. of Alrnondsbury and Chap. Bentry Colony from 1931.
MEAKIN, George Astbury.—V. of Heacham, Dio. Nor. from 1931
MEERES, Bertram Henry.—Chap. Bp’s Stortford U. from 1931.
MEERS, William Josiah.—Actg. C. of St. John’s, Bedminster, Dio. Bris. from 1931.
MELLOR, George. -Asst. Min. Can. of Nor. and V. of St. Mich. at Thorn, City and Dio. Nor. from 1931.
MERIFIELD, James Brenchley.—V. of N. Hykeham, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
METCALF, Sydney George.—Actg. C. of Yarmouth (inc. of St. Paul) Dio. Nor. from 1931
MEYRICK, Preb. Frederick James.—Proc. conv. Chich. from 1931
MICHAEL, James.—P-in-c. of Dairy, Dio. Glas. From 1931
MILES, Charles Reginald.—I. of Sebastian, Dio. Bend. from 1931.
MILLIDGE, Reginald George .—Gen. Sec. C.O.C. from 1932.
MILLIGAN, Charles Ralph.—Hd Master of Dioc. Sch. Roscrea, Dio. Killaloe, from 1931.
MITCHELL, Frederick Julian.—Dean of Residence Q.U.B. from 1931.
MOHAN, Bernard Patrick.—C. of H. Trin. Heigham Dio. Nor. from 1931.
MONTGOMERY, John Bruce.—Org. Sec. C.M.S. in N. Austr. from 1931.
MORLEY, Arthur Philip.—V. of St. Pet. Sowerby, Dio. Wakef. from 1932.
MORTLOCK, Arthur George. —Chap. at Secunderabad, Dio. Madr. from 1931.
MORTLOCK, Charles Bernard.—Proc. conv. Lon. from 1931.
MOSS, Howard George.—Actg. C. of Deal, Dio. Cant, from 1931.
MUNRO, Alexander Donald. Actg. C. of St. M. Hamilton, Dio. Glas. from 1932.

NASH, William Wallace Hayward.—Org. Sec. for Nat. S. for Midlds. from 1931.
NATTRASS, Ralph Rashleigh.—Actg. Chap. St. M. Abbey, V. Malling, Dio. Roth. from 1931.
NAYLOR, Erasmus Aubrey Davenport. V. of Far Forest, Dio. Wore, from 1931.
NEEDHAM, George.—R. of Braithwell w Bramley, Dio. Sheff. from 1932.
NEEDHAM, Sidney Ernest Page.—R. of Farthinghoe, Dio. Pet. w Thenford from 1931.
NIXON, Arthur Lyndon.—Min. of St. Matt. Darlington, Dio. Dur. from 1931.
NORRIS, Harold Alexander.—C. of St. Jo. Bapt. City and Dio, Cov, from 1931.

O’CALLAGHAN, Philip Homan.—C. of H. Trio. Reading, Dio. Ox. from 1931.
OLIVER, Herbert Alexander. C. of St. Clem. Broughton, Dio. Man, from 1931.
O’MALLEY, John James Evans.—C. F. Lon. distr. and Chap. to Brigade of Guards from 1931.
OSBORN, George Stephen.—R. of Milton, Dio. Ely, from 1931.
OTTER, Anthony.—Chap. Lowdham Grange Borstal Inst. from 1931.
OTTLEY, Canon Feilding Hay Bickersteth.— Preacher to Hon. S. of Gray’s Inn from 1932.
OWEN, Charles Henry.—V. of St. Anne, Brindle Heath, Dio. Man. from 1932.
OWEN, Herbert James Ernest.—Chap. Poor Law Inst. and K.E. Hosp. and Infirm. Dartford, Dio. Roch. from 1931.
OWEN, Thomas Phillips. Chap. and Lect. Culham Coll. Abingdon, from 1932.
OZANNE, Ven. Alured Faunce. - Hon. Can. of St. Jas. Cathl Maur. from 1931.

PAGET, Arthur Gordon Westwood.—Sacr. of Pet. Cathl from 1931.
PALMER, Charles.—P.C. of Ch. Ch. Bradford-on-Avon, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
PALMER, Frederick Thomas Montgomery.— V. of Rappville, Dio. Graft, from 1931.
PARIS, Charles Ayrton Burgoyne.—V. of Clive, Dio. Lich. from 1932.
PARKER, Alfred Leslie Eyre.—C. of Wirksworth, Dio. Derby, from 1931.
PARKER, William Seymour Tremenheere.— R. of Hasfield, Dio. Glouc. from 1932.
PARKHOUSE, Guy Heathman.—R. of Shelton, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
PARROTT, William Bevan.—Miss. of N. Kamloops, Dio. Carib. from 1931.
PATERSON, Gordon Walker.—Perm. to Offic. Dio. St. Andr, from 1931.
PATTON LE FEUVRE, Arthur.—Asst. Chap. of Miss. Ch. City and Dio. Calc. from 1931.
PAYNE, Maurice George Jervis.— V. of St. Jas. Pottesdown, Bournemouth, Dio. Win. from 1932.
PAYNE-COOK, Gerald George.—R. of Clewer w Dedworth Green, Dio. Ox. from 1931.
PEEL, William Albert.—R. of Tortworth, Dio. Giouc. from 5932.
PERDUE, John George.—R. of Snailwell, Dio. Ely, from 1931.
PERKINS, Handley Russell.—C. of Ch. Ch. Cathl. City and Dio. Fred. from 1931.
PHILLIPS, Charles Stanley. Chap. of Coil. of St. Nic. Chislehurst, from 1931.


PHILLIPS, George Vaughan.—V. of Abersychan, Dio. Mon. from 1931.
PHILLIPS, Percy Grandfield.—R. of Bromham, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
PHILLIPS, Silas Thomas.—V. of Roath, Dio. Lian. from 1931.
PICKERING, Donald.—Actg. C. of GodshiIl (in c. of St. Alb.), Dio. Portsm. from 1931.
PIERCY, George Henry.—Chap. R.A.F. Cranwell from 1931.
PLUMTREE, William Hedley.—R. of Oulton, Dio. Nor. from 1932.
POLHILL, Douglas Arthur.—V. of St. Paul’s, Greenwich, Dio. S’ wark, from 1931.
POPE, Jonas George.—V. of Headcorn, Dio. Cant, from 1932.
PRICE, Elmer Everett.—V. of Rashcliffe w Primrose Hill, Dio. Wakef. from 1932.
PUGH, Baldwyn de Fonmartin.—R. of Gisleham, 1932.
PUGH, David Richard.—R. of Penstrowed, Dio. Ban. from 1931.
PUGH, Harold Arnold Arthur Bernard.—V. of Newtown, Dio, Lich. from 1932.
PULLEYN, Wilfrid Cyril Winter. - V. of Burgh-le-Marsh, Dio. Linc. from 1932.

RAILTON, William.—L.D.H.M. S. Greenford, Dio. Lon. from 1932.
RAVENSCROFT, Raymond.—R. of Calverton, Dio. Ox. from 1931.
READ, John Charles.—C. of St. Martin, Roath, Dio. Llan. from 1931
READ, William Harvey.—R. of St. Andr. I and Dio. Barb, from 1931.
REDFERN, Ernest Reginald.—Actg. C. of Ilkeston, Dio. Derby, from 1932.
REED, Hubert Everard Elrington.—R. of Rockingham w Caldecote V. Dio. Pet. from 1931.
REED, Walter Livingstone.—V. of Turville, Dio. Ox. from 1931.
REES, Basil Parry. Perm. to Offic. Dio. Chelmsf, from 1931.
REES, Edgar George.—R. of Conisholme, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
REEVES, Richard Ambrose.—R.. of St. Marg. Leven, Dio. St. Andr. from 1931.
REINDORP, Hector William. R. of Harlington, Dio. Lon. from 1932.
REISS, Horace Baggallay. V. of Coopersale, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1932.
RELTON, Herbert Maurice.—Prof. of Bibl. and Hist. Th. Univ. of Lon. from 1931.
RICHARDS, Hugh.—Surr. from 1931.
RICHES, Hugh Frank. R. of Stainton-le-Vale w Kirmond-Ie-Mire, Dio. Linc. from 1931.
ROBERTS, Hugh.—Actg. C. of St. Andr. Earlsfield, Din. S’wark, from 1931.
ROBERTSON, Canon Arthur Gordon. Can. and Preb. of Lyme and Halstock in Sarum Cathl. and Sub-Chanter from 1931.
ROBINSON, John Percy.—Actg. C. of Wellington, Dio. Lich. from 1931.
ROGERS, Charles William Thomas.—I. of St. Aug. Moreland, Dio. Melb. from 1931.
ROGERS, William James .—Org. Director I.C.F. for NW. Area from 1932.
ROGERSON, Thomas Scott. V. of Pattingham, Dio. Lich. from 1932.
ROSE, Howard John.—V. of Ch. Ch. Penge, Dio. Roch. from 1932.
ROSS, Henry. Hon. Chap. to Bp of Lon. and L.Pr. Dio. Lon. from 1931.
ROWCROFT, Samuel Pitten. V. of St. Paul’s Lozells, Dio. Birm. from 1931.
ROWE, Thomas Parnell.—L. to Offic. Dio, Liv. from 1931.
RUMBALL, Arthur Milton.—.Actg. C-in-c. of St. Giles, City and Dio. Nor. from 1931.
RUSBRIDGER, Henry John Allen. Chap. S. Afr. Rwy. Miss. Kimb. Dio. Kimb. K. from 1932.

SALT, Selwyn Marson Ivon.—R. of Gonalston, Dio. Southw. from 1932.
SAUNDERS, Canon Thomas Bekenn Avening. — R. of Woolbeding, Dio. Chich. from 1932.
SCORER, Norman Veitch. R. of S. Willingham, Dio. Linc. from 1932.
SCOTT, John Allen. L. to Offic. Dio. Bal. from 1931..
SEAGER, Right Rev. Charles Allen.—Ld Bp of Ont. trld. to Huron 1931.
SEKHOTO, Simon.—Pastor at Ficksburg, Dio. Bloemf. from 1931.
SHARPE, Robert Hawley. R. of Chilcomb All SS. Dio. Win, from 1931.
SHARPLEY, Roger.—V. of Grindon w Thorpe Thewles, Dio. Dur. from 1931.
SHAW, George Henry.—Perm. to Offic. Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
SHAW, William.—L. to Offic. Dio. Liv. from 1931.
SHEPHERD, Arthur Pearce.—Proc. Conv. Leic.from 1931.
SHERWOOD, Edwin Frank.—C. of Kewstoke w Milton, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
SHILLITO, Arthur.—R.D. of Blofield from 1931.
SHIPMAN, Robert.—V. of Wellington Heath and R. of Coddington, Dio. Heref. from 1932.
SINKER, Francis Stephen.—V. of Shap w Swindale, Dio. Carl. from 1931.
SMITH, Arthur Francis.- V - of Eynsham, Dio. Ox. from 1931.
SMITH, Canon Charles .John.—Proc. Conv. Ely from 1931
SMITH, Ernest Claud.—-R. of Sacombe, Din. St. AIb. from 1931.
SMITH, Ezekiel Harry.—Proc. Conv. Wakef. from 1931
SMITH, Harold (4th) Perm. to Offic. at St. Paul’s, Middlesborough, Dio. York, from 1931.
SMITH, Harold Earnshaw.—V. of Watford, Dio. St. Alb. from 1932.
SMITH, Sydney.—V. of Wilton-in-Cleveland, Dio. York, from 1932.
SMITH, Walter Edward.—Publ. Pr. Dio. St. Alb. from 1931.
SNOOK, Edward.—R. of Dunton Waylett, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
SOVEREIGN, Right Rev. Arthur Henry. Ld Bp (elect, of Yukon 1931
SPEARING, Owen Frederick.—Proc. Conv. Ox. from 1931.
STANNEY, George Henry. V. of Shelley, Dio. Wakef. from 1932.
STEED, Percy.—Chap. to Bp. of Hond. from 1931.
STEVENS, Harold Edward.- Chap. RN. H.M.S. Royal Sovereign from 1931.
STEWART, Julian Leslie.—R. of Hardham, Dio. Chich. from 1931.
STIRLING, Canon Arthur Botwood Sutherland.—Can. of St. Aug. in St. Jo. Bapt. Cathl. St. John’s, Newfld. from 1931.
STOKE- ON-TRENT, Archdeacon of.—See Crick, Ven. Douglas Henry.
STONE, Henry John.—-V. of Godshill, Dio. Portsm. from 1932.
STOPFORD, Walter Ernest.—V. of Cundall w Norton-Ie-Clay, Dio. Rip. from 1931.
STOUT, Alan.—C. of Ch. Ch. Ince-in-Makerfield, Dio. Liv. from 1930.
STRONG, Canon Edward Herbert.—Warden of St. Jo. Coll. Auckld. from 1931.
STROTHER, Francis Smurthwaite.- Actg. C. of Wimbledon (in c. (If St. Matt.), Dio. S’wark, from 1931.
STRUDWICK, Charles Hanmer.—V. of Slawston w Cranoc, R. Dio. Leic. from 1931.
STUBBS, Gerald Salkeld.—P.C. of Long Load, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
SWANZY, Canon Thomas Erskine.—Proc. Conv. Linc. from 1931.
SWINNEY, William Edward .—C. of Colwall, Dio. Heref. from 1931.
SYMES, Arthur Reginald John.—Chap. St. Geo. Cathl. City and Dio. Madr. from 1932.
SYSON, William Smith.—V. of St. Jo. Bapt. Portland, Dio. Sarum, from 1932. -

TABOR, .Joseph Charles.—V. of St. Luke, Maidstone, Dio. Cant. from 1932.
TANNER, Bernard William. —C-in-c. of N. Aldrington, Conv. distr. Dio. Chich. from 1931.
THOMAS, David George.—C. of St. Thos. Ashton-in-Makerfield, Dio. Liv. from 1931.
THOMAS, Henry.—V. of Towyn, Dio. Ban, from 1932,
THOMPSON, Arthur Edward .—V. of Stebbing, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1932.
THOMPSON, George Thomas.—Publ. Pr. Dio, Nor, from 1931.
THOMPSON, Henry Paget. Asst. Sec. S.P.G. from 1931.
THOMSON, John Edwyn.—Min. of St. Andr. Barming Heath.
THORNTON, Canon Albert Henry. Hon. Can. of Sheff. from 1931.
TIDMARSH, George Reginald.—R. of Uley w Owipen, Dio. Glouc. from 1931.
TOWERS, Robert. V. of Deaf Hill w Langdale, Dio. Dur. from 1932.
TOWNSHEND, Canon George. Can. of Kilquane in Clonf. Cathl. from 1931.
TRAVERS, Richard William.—V. of Hollingworth, Dio. Ches. from 1931.
TUAM, KILLALA, and ACHONRY. Right Rev. William Hardy Holmes, elected Bishop 1931.
TUKE, William Magee, Dioc. Missr. Dio. St. Andr. from 1932.
TURLAND, William Frederic.—R. of Exton, Dio. Portsm. from 1931.
TURNER, Cecil Geoffrey Boileau. Actg. C. of Brandon, Dio. Dur. from 1931.
TURNER, James Frederick.—R. of Puckington, w Stocklinch, Dio. B. and W. from 1931.
TWISADAY, John Herbert Cloete.—V. of All SS. Notting Hill, Dio. Lon. from 1932.

VAUGHAN-JONES, William.—Perm. to Offic. at Ch. Ch. Greyfriars, City and Dio. Lon. from 1931.
VEYSEY, John Gloyn.—Publ. Pr. Dio. Dur. from 1931.
VIGGARS, Spencer Hollins.—Chap. Miss, to Seamen, Antwerp, from 1932.
VYSE, Griffin Charles.—R. of Rendham Sweffling V. Dio. St. E. from 1931.

WADDINGTON, William Bernard.—Actg. C. of St. Anne’s-on-the-Sea (in c. of St. Marg.), Dio. Blackb. from 1932.
WADE-EVANS, Arthur Wade. R. of Wrabness, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1932.
WAGGETT, Philip Napier.—Proc. Conv. Ox. 1922-31.
WAKER, William Joseph.—.Org. Sec. I.C.F. for S.E. Area from 1932.
WALKDEN, Arthur Thomas. V. of Kildwick-in-Craven, Dio. Bradf. from 1932.
WALKER, Edward Mewburn.—L. to Offic. Dio. Ox. from 1931.
WALLIS, Francis John Prior.—V. of Hempstead-by-Holt, Dio. Nor, from 1931.
WALMSLEY, William Vernon. Chap. of Liv. Cathl. from 1931.
WALTERS, William. Perm. to Offic. as C. of Barnstaple, Dio. Ex. from 1931.
WALTON, John Sidney.—V. of Weston St. M. w Weston Hill, Dio. Linc. from
WARD, Henry Marsh Gregson. P.C. of Kinson, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
WARDLE, Frederick Bray.—V. of Everton, Dio. Southw. from 1931.
WARDLE-HARPUR, Charles Noel .—Min. of St. Luke’s district, Prittlewell, Dio. Chelmsf. from 1931.
WARNER, Marmaduke.—R.D. of Cardiff from 1931.
WARNER, Preb. Stephen Mortimer.—Proc. Conv. Chich. from 1931.
WARREN, Canon Horace George.—Can. of Kilteskill in Clonf. Cathl. from 1931.
WATSON, Lewis Cecil.—V. St. Matt. Douglas, Dio. S. and M. from 1931.
WATTS, Harold Thomas. V. of Bredwardine w Brobury, Dio. Heref. from 1931.
WEBB, Charles Augustus. V. of Tidcombe w Hippenscombe and Fosbury, Dio. Sarum, from 1931.
WEBB, George Cresswell Naesmyth.—Publ. Pr. Dio. Birm. from 1931.
WHATELY, Walter Richard.—Asst Master Belmont House Sch. Blackheath, from 1922.
WHITE, Arthur Henry.—R. of Toft w Caldecote, Dio, Ely, from 1928.
WHITE, Preb. Henry Roger.—Bp’s Visiting Chap. to Insts. Dio. Chich. from 193!.
WHITESIDE, Cecil Frank Winton.—C. of Matlock, Dio. Derby, from 1931.
WHYTE, Arthur James Beresford.—V. of S. Newington, Dio. Ox. from 1932.
WILKINSON, Frederick Hugh.—R. and Subdean of Ch. Ch. Cathl. Vancouver, Dio. New Westmr. from 1931.
WILLIAMS, David (6th).—V. of E. Crompton, Dio. Man. from 1931.
WILLIAMS, Walter Whitfield. V. of St. Ninian, Douglas, Dio. S. and M from 1932.
WILLIAMSON, Bernard.—V. of St. Paul’s, Chatham, Dio. Roth. from 1932.
WILLIS, Charles Francis Tilsley.—Actg. C. of St. Andr. W. Kens. Dio. Lon. from 1931.
WINDLEY, Francis Morse.—V. of St. Olave’s w St. Giles, City and Dio. York, from 1931.
WINTER, Charles Henry (2nd).—R. of Northrepps, Dio. Nor. from 1931.
WITCOMB, William Richard. P.C. of Deritend, Dio. Birm. from 1931.
WITTY, Douglas.—P.C. of H. Trin. Louth, Dio. Linc. from 1932.
WOLFE, Edwin.—R. of Ch. Lawton, Dio. Ches. from 1932.
WOLSTENHOLME, Edward .—Chap. Benevolent Home and Gaol, Bend. from 1931.
WOOD, Alfred. L. to Offic. Dio. Sheff. from 1931.
WOOD, Rowland John. Hon, Chap. to Bp of Rip. from 1932.
WOOD - SMITH, Thomas John Morrison.— V. of Watford, Dio. Pet. from 1932.
WOOF, .Joseph Stephenson.—V. of Haile, Dio. Carl. from 1932.
WRIGHT, Charles James Campbell.—R.D. of Carl. from 1935.
WYCHE, Canon Cyrill John.—Chap. to Bp of Grahamstn. from 1931.
WYNNE, Robert David. V. of New Radnor w Llanfihangel-Nantmelan, Dio. Swan. B. from 1931.

YATES, Edward William. R. of Maids Moreton w Foscot, Dio. Ox. from 1932
YATES, Richard Alexander.—P-in-c. of Walvis Ray, Dio. Damar. from 1931.
YATES, Wilfred Simeon.—Actg. C. of St. Pet. Cradley, Dio. Worc, from 1931.
YOULES, Alfred Edgar David.—C of St. Pet. Bethnal Green, Dio. Lon. from 1931.
YUKON, Ld Bp. (elect).—See Sovereign, Right Rev. Arthur Henry.
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