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Anyone researching their family history for members of the clergy may come across a reference to CMS in their studies, the Church Missionary Society. In 1899 was published The History of the Church Missionary Society by Eugene Stock, this is a very detailed, and remarkable historical account of the world-wide work of the society. I have volume three which covers the years 1873 - 1882 but sometimes gives additional information up to the publication date. It gives detailed accounts of the members missionary work, by name, so its a valuable research tool for family history research.
The most important part of this book for getting at this information is the 79 page index of places and names - I will check to see if the name you want is there - for free, but if you want the information from the book, a fee will be charged to cover my research time and not the information from the book, based on the extent of the work, in some cases photocopies will be posted by snail mail, digital images or typed summary information can be sent by email.

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Photos page 272 Included in the book are pages of small printed reproductions of photographs and some partly drawn if you want any of these individual portraits scanned (4cm x 5cm) and sent to you, the minimum charge of 5.00 UK will apply:
The list of Portraits:

The Revs.H.Wright, F. B. Wigram, the Right Hon. Sir J. H. Kennaway, M.P., the Revs. W. Gray and. C. Fenn
Messrs. Joseph Hoare, Alexander Beattie, Sydney Gedge, M.P., Arthur Lang, General Lake, C.S.I., Mr. Henry Carre Tucker, C.B.
Bishop Perry, the Revs. Prebendary Auriol, Cannon Hoare. Canon Tristram, Dr.J. C. Miller
Bishop French, the Revs. R, Clark, J. Vaughan. J. Welland, Dr. Bruce, C. M. Gordon
Bishops Gell, Speechly, Caldwell and Sargent, the Revs. David Fenn and H. Baker, Junr.
Bishops William A. Russell and George Evans Moule, Archdeacon Arthur Evans Moule, the Revs. Frederick Foster Gough and Robert W. Stewart, Archdeacon John R. Wolfe.
Bishop George Smith, the Rev. George Ensor, Bishops J.S. Burdon, Edward Bickersteth, and Arthur W. Poole
Bishop David Anderson, Archbishop R. Machray, Bishops John Horden, W.C. Bompas, and W. Ridley, Admiral Prevost
Archbishops Tait, Benson, and Temple, Bishops J.C. Ryle and Edward Bickersteth.
Bishops Charles Phillips and Issac Oluwole, the Rev. James Johnson, Archdeacon Dandeson Coates Crowther, the Rev. James Quaker
The Rev. J. L. Buckley. Wood, Archdeacon Henry Hughes Dobinson, Bishop Joseph Sidney Hill, the Rev. John Alfred Robinson, Mr. Graham Wilmot Brooke
The Rev. William Salter Price, Lieut. George. Shergold Smith, Bishop James Hannington, Mr. Alexander M. Mackay, Bishop Henry P. Parker, Mr. George L. Pilkington .
The Revs. Jani Alli, lmad-ud-din, D.D., Manchala Ratnam, Piari Mohun Rudra, Archdeacon Koshi Koshi, D.D., the Rev. W. T. Satthianadhan, B.D.
Bishops Octavius Hadfield, William Leonard Williams, Edward Craig Stuart, and P.S. Royston, the Rev. William Oakley
The Revs. Wong Kiu Taik, Dzing Ts-sing, H. Gunasekara, Chalil Jamal, Wiremu Turipona J. Settee
The Misses Marrion Goodall, Caroline Fitch, Florence Valpy, Helen Attlee, Irene Petrie, Gertrude Stanley (Mrs. Smyth)
The Enlarged Church Missionary House, 1884-5. C.M. Children's Home (new building, 1887)


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