Watercolour Paintings - 2002 - 2003 - My Latest Work

by Roger Vaughan

(Left) Summer Cottages (mixed media)

(Right) Kilin

(Left) Winter Farmyard

(Right) Pine Forest Cottage by R.F.Vaughan, after Kate Bedell

(Left) Scary Trees

(Right) Hen Pecked

Market at Provence (Left) Market at Provence (after Ray Campbell Smith)

(Right) Misty Tower
Misty Tower. 21.1.2003

Winter Barn, 11.2.2003
(Left) The Winter Barn

(Right) Summer Flowers (Mixed Media)

Summer Flowers. 18.2.2003

Turkish Market.  25.3.2003
(Left) Turkish Market

(Right) Harbour Scene

Harbour.  1.4.2003

In the woods. 8.4.2003
(Left) In The Woods

(Right) Bath from the River

Bath from the River

Mountain Falls. 22.9.2003
(Left) Mountain Falls

(Right) Hornfleur

Hornfleur. 23.9.2003

Some of my other paintings


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