from the collections of Roger Vaughan

Ambrotypes are photographs on glass with the back painted black or mounted using velvet to make a positive image.

I have only seven ambrotypes in my collection, I would like more but they are uncommon and expensive to buy!
They also tend to lack any real information.

Unknown child, date unknown, assume 1850s. The glass has a horizontal break and the frame has been replaced at a much later date.

Mother and daughter, date unknown but perhaps 1857, image has damage and has darkened.

Seated Gent, date unknown . Good image.

Mother with child seated on her lap, date unknown. Has much damage, it has darkened and discolouration.

Unknown Lady wearing a plain dress with wide sleeves and a small lace collar, her hair is centre parted with ringletts. She is unmarried. The date - about the early 1860's. Good condition. The image is on the glass with a dark background cloth. The frame is leather and once had a lid cover, its retaining hook still remains on the side. (Purchased Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire).

In pencil on the back 'Uncle James Birdow' (or Birdsaw)
He is wearing a wide collared frock coat, light coloured trousers, a low waistcoat and a wide bow tie. He is married and the date - about early 1860's. The background has degraded and darkened. The frame is ?copper with gilt, battered at the back by repeated opening to see inside! (Purchased Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire).

Ambrotype in a contemporary wall mounting, wooden frame, date uknown but such frames were in use 1852-53, though it probably is later as they are wearing working class clothes (cost of early ambrotypes was very high). It shows mother, father and baby (who moved). Some loss of picture at the top and bottom caused by the original mounting glue pulling off the surface.

A close-up of the image

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